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Spacefolds 12

The twelfth installment in Quarkspace's series of improvisational, psychedelic spacerock; the band brings their signature blend of Floydian mumbles and Orbian soundscapes.


1. Remember the 614 (4:26)
2. A Poor Man's Diamond (6:15)
3. Return of the Son of Quarkallax (9:30)
4. The Flu for Christmas (4:41)
5. South Pass (5:03)
6. Blue Sky Aerodrome (5:20)
7. Old Floyd Walks a Rugged Path (4:06)
8. The Near Frame (7:39)
9. I Cowboy (5:29)
10. Jeptha's Sleepy Waltz (5:06)

Darren Gough: Guitar, Bass
Chet Santia: Bass, Guitar, Loops
Jay Swanson: Keyboards, Synth, Loops
Paul Williams: Drumming, Synth, Keyboards, Loops

All Music Improvised by Quarkspace
Produced by Lance Starbridge.
Cover photo courtesy of NASA.